sananet – Consultants exclusive for Health Care

Medical Technology Consulting, Consulting for Life Science and Hospitals


sananet is a consulting agency, founded in the year 2000, working exclusive for health care. We have a successful track record to perform market analysis for medical products, to bring innovative medical products to the market, to build up distribution networks for medical product manufacturers, to finance medical start-up companies and to consult hospitals in marketing and co-operations.

sananets mission

to help enterprises in the health care market to grow in times of competition.

Or, to bring it right to the point: we make you more profitable

Medical Device Consulting

By far our biggest client group. We are specialized in market analysis, financing start ups and sales and marketing for medical technology

Hospital Marketing

Here we care for international co-operations for clinics and patient acquisition

Pharma Consulting

Here we are experts in the niche of compliance aid products, blistering and logistics and pharmacy automation

sananet – So that you are well positioned in competition

The basis of our actions is a long-term loyal partnership with our customers. We do not only give theoretical recommendations, but we also actively support the implementation of our proposals. Since the services we offer are always characterised by the topics of improving earnings and achieving goals, we also agree precise goals for our work with our clients.

Success factors are a clear strategy, focus / reduction on the core business, precise formulation of goals, delegation of responsibility and competence as well as monetary control.